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Why your products need to be in the NZMT, and how to get them there.

To Apply for a new NZMT Listing

Download the Application for a new NZMT listing from the Forms page.

You can also read detailed instructions for completing the form.

Save the completed form giving it a separate file name.

E-mail the form to [email protected].

If you have any questions please call 04 567 8570 and we’ll be happy to help.

How much do NZMT listings cost?

There is no charge for providing the NZMT listing.

Why are NZMT Listings important?

It is important that all medicines are listed in the NZMT and that they conform to international standards for medicines terminologies because the NZULM (which includes the NZMT) will provide the list used by everyone prescribing, dispensing or administering medicines across the NZ health sector. If your product is not in the NZMT it won’t be visible in the software used to prescribe, dispense, or track administration of medicines.

Which products require an NZMT listing?

Every new medicine or subsidised product sold in NZ must be listed in the NZMT.

Every existing medicine requires a new NZMT listing when there are changes to brand name, active ingredient, strength, dose form, pack size or container.

Do I need a new NZMT listing if there are changes to a medicine?

Yes. You need to apply for a new NZMT listing each time there are changes to brand name, active ingredient, strength, dose form, pack size or container of a medicine.

If you are uncertain whether you need a new listing please phone the NZMT Editorial Team on 04 567 8570. They will be happy to provide advice.

What is the difference between the NZULM and NZMT?

The NZMT is the common language that is shared by people who prescribe, dispense or administer medicines across the health sector in New Zealand. All products that are listed in the terminology are named, described and coded in accordance with SNOMED CT international terminology standards. It covers the generic and trade (brand) names of a medicine, the strength and form of the medicine and the pack size.

The NZULM is an aggregation of information that includes the NZMT. the Pharmaceutical Schedule (containing subsidy information), the Hospital Medicines List, and Medsafe registration information.

Why do we need a NZULM and a NZMT?

We need the NZULM because previously there wasn’t a single, cross-referenced source of information about medicines in New Zealand (specifically, pulling Pharmac, Medsafe, and NZMT data together in a single, curated dataset every month).

We need the NZMT because having a common Medicines Terminology based on international standards allows the NZ Health Sector to advance key sector strategies such as Medicines New Zealand, electronic prescribing, and other eMedicines and integrated care initiatives.

Simply put, the medicine identifiers in the NZMT allow software to exchange information about medicines on an apples for apples basis so that clinicians always see the same name for any given medicine.

Do I need an NZMT listing to get consent from Medsafe?

Before lodging an application you’ll need to apply for an NZMT listing by email (to [email protected]) for your medicine. This is because Medsafe asks for a copy of the Listing Certificate provided by NZMT as part of your application.

PHARMAC also asks for details of the product’s NZMT listing as part of the process of applying for a Pharmaceutical Schedule listing. You can use the Listing Certificate as part of your Pharmaceutical Schedule application too.

Has Medsafe’s role changed?

No. Medsafe’s role in the regulatory process and the regulatory process itself remains unchanged. However, Medsafe asks you to provide the details of a NZMT listing with applications.

What if I forget to provide NZMT listing details with my Medsafe application?

If you don’t provide NZMT listing details with your consent application the details can be provided while the application is being reviewed.

Do I still need to apply for a Pharmacode®?

Yes. Pharmacode® is still used by community pharmacies and wholesalers, and it is part of the PHARMAC subsidy process.

More Questions?

We’re happy to answer any further questions at [email protected]

How long will it take for the NZULM to provide a NZMT listing?

We will provide NZMT listing details within one working day in most cases. In some exceptional cases we may take up to three working days to provide a listing. If this delay is necessary we will advise you when the application is lodged.

Can details about my medicine remain confidential?

The NZMT keeps details of your medicine’s listing confidential until the Medsafe consenting process is complete and details of the product’s consent are published by Medsafe.

Section 29 Medicines

Clinicians using Section 29 medicines are asked to apply for a New Zealand Medicines Terminology listing to ensure the database covers all medicines being used in New Zealand. Please use the NZMT listing application form on the Forms page.

When completing a listing application for a Section 29 medicine please ensure you select “Section 29 medicine” from the dropdown list for “notification type”

Please see our instruction document for more information on this.

If you have any questions which are not covered by the instruction sheet please phone the Editorial Team on 04 567 8570. They’ll be pleased to help you.
E-mail the form to [email protected].

The NZULM and NZMT are services of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.